Wrapping Up: The Meet and Greet, 2017

Folks, it was awesome.  The interest, engagement, ideas and excitement we saw yesterday were absolutely inspiring.

We got over 50 people coming and going throughout the cafe.  We got a solid 25-30 people who stayed for the whole presentation and longer – several conversations lasted into the late hours of the afternoon.  We got almost 20 signups for the email list, and the same number of people interested in taking, or teaching workshops. We got several members of our city council and other elected government folks.   We got a couple who came from Marlborough MA just to see what we were up to.  We even got some press in LynnHappens.com: read that here.

For a first-time, seat-of-the-pants come-what-may coffee social, it was a resounding success.

We may not have a facility yet.  We may not have funding in place.  But support and interest?  You bet.

Just for fun, we showed one of the first cuts of a video we’re putting together for the Stakeholders Meeting.  If you missed it, you can see that here:

See you next year!  It’s going to be a year like you’ve never seen before.

Keep building, keep making!  Play nice and clean up after yourselves.