Building Community: Woodworking and Upcycling

What you’ll learn: How to build or repurpose furniture or other items with wood.

This is a 3 hour class with 5-15 people.  Learn the basic tools and safety procedures of woodworking, both hand and power.  Learn how to fix, repurpose and build your own furniture, as well as read and draw plans.

We will do a small project getting familiar with using tools. We can make a frame or a shelf(depending on materials)   You will learn how to make necessary cuts like a 45º angle.  Tools will be circular saw, table saw, hammer, screw gun, how to use a tape measure, safe work practices.

Instructor: Lisa Wallace


Scheduling and locations are determined by the instructors.  Fees will be refunded if there are schedule conflicts.  Scheduling to be announced.

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