So, where exactly are we at?

Here’s where we are in the (long and sometimes convoluted) process of building a makerspace, as of 11/18/17.

We have a solid financial projection together, and have incorporated that into a business plan and proposal.  The numbers and estimates are based on what is a substantial track record for existing, successful makerspaces across the country.  This plan, by the way, looks pretty encouraging, bottom-line wise.

We are in conversation with several potential backers, and are pretty encouraged with the prospects.  Several pieces have to fit together to make this happen, and, as a friend is fond of saying, 90% is halfway there.  On the flip side, the initial investment in equipment is significantly less that what we’d expected.

We already have an amazingly large community of people interested in this project.  We have makers, builders, artists, interested from Lynn as well as surrounding communities.  We have local government getting behind the project, and extending all the way to Washington – expect to see more about that soon.  Local business associations are catching wind of it, and they understand the considerable impact of a project like this on the local economy.

We’re working on what could be a remarkable space, right in the heart of Lynn’s downtown.  There are a lot of things at play there, so we’re expecting a few months before we know anything for sure, but everybody who’s involved seems to be invested in making it work.

We’re getting right into the holiday season, so everybody’s time is short and schedules are packed, but we’re trying to put an informal “meet-and-greet” together so we can all get our heads together and work out details as a community.

As you can see, we have a URL and a website now, as well as some social media, and we’ll be building on that as we go forward.  Don’t hesitate to send a note if there’s something you feel is missing!

Honestly, we don’t have a target date to open yet, there are just too many balls in the air right now, but as soon as we do, you’ll find out about it here!

Keep building, keep making!  Play nice and clean up after yourselves!